Get your modern data center for a future-ready, cost-efficient, easy-to-deploy solution. With Skylus HCI capabilities, you can integrate secure cloud infrastructure with enterprise and edge hardware.

Accelerate Your Business Imagination With Skylus

Private Cloud

Get your dedicated private cloud to run business-critical applications efficiently. It features infrastructure with modular service, backup, app library, deployment automation workflow, improved security, greater control, and cost-effectiveness.

Agile Hardware Solutions

Skylus powered by HCI capabilities provides optimum scalability and flexibility to drive all your business requirements from small to large workloads underpinned by Skylus Edge & Enterprise cloud packages.

Single Management Dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor and manage resources from a single platform. You can perform effective operations such as rapid VM creation, advanced VM creation, quota management for resource allocation based on multi-tenancy, etc.
Key Benefits
With Skylus, it is easy to start and advance your business.


You can create virtual machines (from a few to thousands) at unimaginable speed. In addition, the private cloud can be deployed at astonishing speed with impeccable dashboard automation. As a result, the IT team can increase their focus on applications and services driving the businesses.


Astonishing business efficiency is the hallmark of a great organization. However, you also need an IT infrastructure aligned with your business goals and objective to achieve them. Skylus private cloud platform can be scaled up without downtime, helping your business infrastructure grow in conjunction with your high growth curve.

Easy to Use

The intuitive dashboard of Skylus makes it highly user-friendly, with adequate monitoring and management components. A desegregated infrastructure with a high-performing hardware and software makes resource allocation for workloads extraordinarily efficient and productive unlocking immense time and benefits to focus on the core responsibilities of running the actual applications.


Skylus private cloud platform delivers security in all aspects, i.e., confidentiality, integrity, and availability. You can have peace of mind while running workloads on our private cloud infrastructure.

Skylus Buyer’s Guide
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About Skylus Dashboard
The All-in-one Dashboard.

The dashboard combines monitoring and management of resources on a single platform. It allows features such as VM performance monitoring and logging, strong security via access control, simplified infrastructure handling with different layers of access control, rapid VM creation, advance VM creation, setting page, statistic & interactive cloud shell, and quota management for resource allocation based on the concept of multi-tenancy.

Recalibrate your Cloud Strategy with Skylus

A Private Cloud Appliance Powered by HCI Capabilities.


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