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The challenges of Retail Industry have only increased with the challenges of modern times.

The challenges of Retail Industry have only increased with the challenges of modern times. Apart from a well-planned digital transformation strategy, there is also a need to develop an integrated approach that provide omni-channel facilities to the customer. As per a survey in 2021, the retail industry attach great importance to the importance of cloud business intelligence with 18% of respondents viewing it as critical, 23.5% as very important, and 35.5% as important. To deliver an augmented customer experience, the generated data from different sources must be collected, integrated and analyzed covering data centers, physical store, web and mobile apps. The analysis of data helps to identify new consumer behavior and patterns, anticipate seasonal fluctuations and spot upcoming trends and fads. However, to achieve the objective, you need a robust infrastructure that can capitalize on data cutting across all the buying channels. Legacy infrastructure with its siloed architecture lacks the capability to scale fast and make optimal utilization of resources at disposal. Skylus Private Cloud helps retails to address the infrastructure problem and embrace meaningful cloud to derive untapped benefits.

How Skylus Addresses Retail Challenges

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Inventory Management

Managing and maintaining inventory can be a challenging task for the retail industry. Private cloud infrastructure such as Skylus can help multiple store locations track and monitor inventory in real-time. Private cloud infrastructure also does away with the need for manual syncing of inventories from different stores.
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Warehouse Remote Management

Powered with the capabilities of Skylus private cloud, you don’t have to be physically present at a location to manage everything. To, the convenience you can monitor the warehouse remotely, from anywhere as the private cloud enables access to your stock volume anytime anywhere.
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Flexible, Scalable, and Elastic

Predicting customer demands can be a risky proposition. Therefore, you need to be prepared for rapid scaling of your IT infrastructure in either direction, The Skylus private cloud offers the required flexibility and elasticity that underpins scaling of demand to meet the challenges of sudden fluctuation on your IT infrastructure.
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Better POS System

To gain a competitive edge, a better POS system is crucial. Skylus – a private cloud-based system that is efficiently scalable and undergoes updation without any downtime. Retailers can adopt cloud-based POS systems to conduct checkouts and payments quickly for customers.
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Personalized Shopping Experience

A massive amount of data is produced from the retail industry which can be utilized to deliver a customized shopping experience. The key is to collect, aggregate and analyze data on a real-time basis in quick time. Skylus private cloud architecture facilitates agile aggregation and analysis of data.
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Cost Savings

Switching to private cloud architecture, can help save money in many ways. With the cloud, there is no need to buy, maintain, and update systems hardware as the cloud service providers updates and maintain the hardware. Consequently, you don’t need to hire extra personnel and perform these tasks.

Imparts momentum to retailers looking for digital transformation.

Skylus Benefits

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HCI Capabilities

Skylus combines the compute, storage, network and virtualization components to achieve superior performance, data protection and high availability. A robust infrastructure provides a seamless and effective operation.
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With Skylus, you can expect elasticity in response to fluctuations in resource demand using on-premises and cloud resource. In addition, you can get rid of under-utilization or bottlenecks during peak. We exhort you to start small and grow as per needs with linear scaling to enable efficient resource utilization.
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Smooth Management

There is a single management console that controls all the IT infrastructure ranging from on-premises data centers to distributed data centers on the cloud. With the capacity of self-healing, Skylus recovers from failures without any external intervention lowering the admin task while reducing the overall risk.
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Advance Automation

Leveraging the capabilities of Skylus, you can automate your infrastructure and applications requirements thereby facilitating self-service for developers and others to augment productivity.
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Flexible Options

Skylus can meet your need from a large data center to the small retail location where the presence is deemed significant.
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You can manage each location's allocated resource quota with the inbuilt multi-tenancy capabilities.
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