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The healthcare industry has witnessed massive development after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The remote delivery of healthcare services is an accepted norm in a world where the pace of digital transformation has been truly remarkable. The market for cloud health is being driven by growing demand for Electronic Health Records (EHR), telehealth, mHealth, e-prescribing, and other IT healthcare solution.
In revenue, the global healthcare cloud computing market was worth USD 39.4 billion in 2022 and is forecasted to reach a value of USD 89.4 billion by 2027, witnessing a CAGR of 17.8% from 2022 to 2027. The private cloud deployment model will drive a fair share of the forecasted value.
With Skylus private cloud, you can have a dedicated data center to run all your critical workloads. Our unmatched experience in setting up high-quality data centers will also help you build one quickly.

Driving Next-Generation Healthcare Workload

With patients looking for hyper-personalized service delivery, your IT infrastructure must be equally adept at mapping the ever-changing needs. A modern healthcare organization is expected to operate multiple workloads such as PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), EMR, HER, Big Data Analytics, etc.

With our private cloud solution, you can build modern data centers that underpin freedom of choice, flexibility, resilience, and scalability. Our scalable infrastructure perfectly aligns with contemporary healthcare organizations’ goals and objectives. Furthermore, our cloud infrastructure with HCI capabilities combines compute, storage, network, and virtualization. The efficiency of HCI in your IT infrastructure will help to improve the speed, scope, and scale of service delivery even at the remotest location.

In-Built Architecture For Cloud-Native Applications

The adoption of cloud-native applications has accelerated in the last few years due to their efficiency and nimbleness. Unfortunately, the IT infrastructure still needs to catch up to capitalize on the benefits of such applications. Here at Skylus, we understand the potency of cloud-native workloads to leave an impression on the user’s mind.

Our private cloud infrastructure has been architected considering the tenets of cloud-native applications. So, if you want to transform your service delivery for your patients on an unprecedented scale, we are the ideal choice for IT infrastructure requirements.

How Will Skylus Benefit Your Business Outcome?


Efficient Management

Skylus private cloud has a dashboard for effectively monitoring and managing resources. You can add virtual machines and allocate/reallocate resources as per your requirements. In addition, our architecture also ensures linear scalability. The outcome is lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), minimal capital expenditure, and other license requirements for higher cost-efficiencies..

Flexible Scaling

The demand for a fair healthcare service has increased with advancements in IT technology. Sometimes, hospital operating workloads experience unpredictable loads driven by external factors and may require instant scaling of your IT infrastructure. The benefit is no forklift upgrades, seamless operations, and low initial costs.

Better Healthcare Ecosystem

When you start running your workloads on our systems, no new management system will be needed other than Skylus. Integrating your workload with our private cloud paves the way for a superior healthcare ecosystem that encompasses all the elements of a highly functional healthcare unit.

Supports Multiple Clinical and IT Workloads

Skylus private cloud infrastructure has extensive support for risk-free VDI that bolsters electronic health records, revved-up imaging, and server virtualization. The positive business outcome is dependable support and streamlined IT operations.

Manage Patient Care Not Data and Infrastructure

Leveraging the capabilities of Skylus private cloud, you can design and build value-based patient care products and solutions as more providers and payers start business arrangements to deliver an outstanding patient care service.

Multi-channel Engagement

Patient care in modern times requires an onmi-channel engagement that spans phone, interactive voice response, web, chat, and app. It is pertinent that your healthcare infrastructure is also ready to support such engagement. Skylus private cloud can take care of your need as it can be deployed and made running within a brief period.

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