Power the next generation AI/ML workloads with Skylus’s stellar Private Cloud


Deploy an easy, rapid, and agile AI-enabled infrastructure that can accomplish massive data processing to derive actionable business insights from raw data.

Why the Legacy IT Infrastructure Falls Short of Expectations for AI/ML Workloads?


Unique Processing Requirements

For AI model training, there is a need for hundreds or thousands of matrix multiplication engines with parallel operations on the same data set. With traditional workloads, they need to be tied to one or several processing engines.

AI is a Distinct Function

Apart from the processing requirement, AI functions are neither singular nor static. AI models changes continuously with the addition of more new data which demands scalable IT infrastructure without any interruption.

Excellent Performance Requirements

AI inference processing demands real-time (<10ms) or near real-time (10ms to 100ms) action with high throughput. Any latency-as with traditional IT infrastructure- is undesirable to the quality of service delivered for many applications such as fraud detection, security monitoring, and manufacturing quality control.

Redundancy Issue

With the traditional infrastructure, compute, network and storage services are not placed in a separate container. Any failure or upgrade in one service might affect the entire operation, which is undesirable for AI/ML workloads.

Network Latency

Networking is one of the crucial components of AI-enabled infrastructure. Deep learning algorithms highly depend on communications, and networks must keep pace with demand as AI efforts expand.

High Cost

The traditional infrastructure has limited hardware and software integration from One vendor. The constraint of a proprietary license increases the cost immensely while making the changes for running AI/ML workloads.

Why Skylus Private Cloud for AI/ML Applications?

AI popular techniques such as Machine Learning (ML), Logic programming, Fuzzy logic, etc. require the processing of a massive amount of high-value data. However, even with the best algorithm employed by data scientists and ML engineers, the desired result is not achieved with the constraints of traditional IT infrastructure and its underlying architecture.
What is needed is an agile and intelligent IT infrastructure

Accelerate Your Business Insight with AI-Optimized Cloud Infrastructure

An increasing number of companies are fuelling innovation in their businesses with big/data and AI adoption. As per a survey in the year 2022, 56.5% of organizations are driving innovation with data creating demand for AI-enable infrastructure.

What Skylus Brings to Table?


Round the Clock AI/ML Solutions

With Skylus-backed AI infrastructure, you can run AI/ML applications anywhere, anytime on any device and make quick, accurate business decisions.

Unmatched Efficiency

The Hyperconvergence Infrastructure (HCI) capabilities of Skylus private cloud enable speed and scalability for kickstarting your AI/ML endeavour. Besides, with GPU accelerated computing, users can accurately analyze unstructured data such as images and video.

Customized Infrastructure

Running AI/ML workloads requires a robust infrastructure. You tell us our requirements, and we can design the Skylus cloud architecture to your delight.

Hassle-Free Deployment and Management

Deploying Skylus private cloud is as easy as possible. There is a well-defined process for hardware, patching, and firmware installation for AI/ML workloads relieving core IT staff of more valuable tasks.

Seamless Operation

Skylus highlights include containerized cloud service architecture with a separate container for network, storage, and computing. It ensures that any failure, upgradation, addition, or removal of service doesn't affect other independent services.

Facilitate DevOps Capabilities

AI/ML models must be trained continuously to improve their efficiency in predicting critical outcomes with regular application updates. Skylus facilitates simple and automated management of applications lifecycles without any human intervention.


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