Take a leap of faith with Skylus private cloud and reap the benefits of orchestration, virtualization, and remote IT management.


Take a leap of faith with Skylus private cloud and reap the benefits of orchestration, virtualization, and remote IT management. The rollout of 5G is expected to herald transformational change. However, supporting the changing realities demands a more flexible, agile, cloud like network such as Skylus.

Why does the Traditional Network Infrastructure Not Address the 5G Requirement?

The race to deliver next-generation services and offerings leveraging 5G is in full speed. However, the important question bogging business leaders is that whether the traditional network infrastructure is equipped to address the requirement of 5g services.


Complex and Rigid Network Infrastructure

The conventional infrastructure is quite inflexible, and complex delaying the service provider effort to innovate and provide new services.

Dependence on Specialized Hardware

Traditional vendors such as Nokia, Samsung, and Ericsson have delivered proprietary solution based on speciality chips such as FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). The need of the hour is a move towards software-based environment reducing the hardware dependence

Virtualization Support

To unleash the maximum potential of 5G, virtualization is needed at the network’s core, network’s edge and even in data centres. Unfortunately, the inflexible architecture of traditional network infrastructure does not support the virtualization capabilities.

High Network Latency

Low network latency is critical to delivering a superior user experience. The traditional IT infrastructure because of obsolete technology have high latency affecting high volume computation and processing crucial to application such as immersive gaming, holographic and extended reality.

Edge Computing Support

The concept of edge computing refers to data collection, aggregation, and processing at remote sites to deliver delightful user experience. The architecture in traditional network infrastructure does not back edge computing capabilities.

Maintenance Cost

A low level of automation, and software defined networking, makes remote IT management a complex task in the legacy network infrastructure increasing the maintenance cost beyond the desired level for an enterprise.

Why Skylus Private Cloud Fits the Requirement of a 5G Network Infrastructure?

To harness the maximum potential of 5G, it is imperative to build a network infrastructure that is agile, flexible, and supports cloud native environment. The future of networking rests on technology such as virtualization, container orchestration and software defined networking. Skylus private cloud is poised to address all the requirements of a robust backend network infrastructure for 5G.


Edge Computing Capabilities

Network edge is crucial to ensure that businesses capture emerging opportunity out of 5G. Skylus private cloud is well equipped to extend computing capabilities and other data resources to more remote locations than previously done.

HCI Capabilities

Hyper Convergence Infrastructure is the convergence of compute, storage and networking through software defined network and commodity hardware. Operators can select the Skylus over traditional storage as it streamlines the management process, is nimble, agile and easy to deploy.

High Performance Computing

To support new and emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), a high computational power is required. Skylus possess all the resources and capabilities to accomplish such massive computing requirement.


The virtualization technology is one of the crucial aspects of 5G. it facilitates optimal utilization of bare-metal resources to deliver continuous efficiency. Skylus virtualization efficiency is one of the best in the business to make the backend network agile, flexible and scalable.

Network Slicing

Skylus cloudified networks can facilitate self-contained virtual network slices to be fit for different requirements from- individual services to industry-specific.

Software-Defined Networking

With Skylus private cloud, you can replace specific-function network appliances with a software driven method to enable optimal resource utilization and efficiency.


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