Accelerate your Welfare Programmes with the Adoption of a Modern IT Infrastructure

Modern IT infrastructure is crucial to delivering public services that can reach the beneficiary at even the most remote location.

Another factor to be considered is that the integrity of data is not compromised while providing benefits for the beneficiary. A proactive government is always looking for new and disruptive IT technology to make a difference and reduce the cost of providing beneficial services for its citizens.

What can Skylus Do?

Skylus – A Private Cloud in an Appliance – with its flexible scaling, resilient architecture, multi-tenancy, and migration/failover between nodes, single management nodes will take care of your digital requirements paving the way for an efficient IT infrastructure that allows you to focus on the core task of delivering high-quality services for citizens.

To support impeccable digital citizen services and a diverse workforce, Skylus provides a flexible and cost-effective platform to deliver exceptional desktop capabilities. The VDI support from the Skylus addresses the traditional challenges of virtual desktop and application implementations. Regardless of where you want to host your virtual desktop and apps – in the cloud or the data center – app deployment can be accomplished much faster.

Jumpstart your Transition to Cloud

The government IT services must optimize and modernize its IT infrastructure cost-effectively. A cloud-first strategy solves many challenges of running demanding workloads on the traditional IT infrastructure. Skylus private cloud infrastructure with HCI capabilities boasts a technology that is easy to manage, monitor and scale.

Data security is critical for the government handling citizens’ personal information. The security of Skylus private cloud starts with a combined hardware/software platform foundation. Then it builds upon it to impart protection that eliminates data loss and ensures uninterrupted business operations.

Benefits of Skylus Private Cloud for the Government


Scale as Per Need

The intuitive dashboard of Skylus allows you to scale as per future requirements. As the demand surge, you can scale from a few VMs to thousands of them within seconds. There is no need to overprovision before the actual requirements arise.

Minimize Operational Cost

Once deployed, you can reduce your capital and operational expenditure and lower cooling, power, and space requirements.

Low Downtime and High Availability

You can expect minimal downtime because of ample provisions for non-disruptive upgrades and disaster recovery capabilities. One of the highlights of Skylus is the platform’s high availability because of minimum downtime.

Unmatched Mobility

The preference for multi-channel interaction has proliferated due to technological advancements. Skylus can meet the needs of multi-channel interaction through workload consolidation and cloud offerings.

Easy and Quick Deployment

Setting up Skylus is as easy as it gets. You can deploy and get it running within minutes without worrying about any inherent complexity. Moreover, there needs to be no significant upstart planning and configuration.

Security through User access control

Cloud resource visibility and its access are based on User Role. Authorization to perform any action is granted only when the user fulfils the necessary user role. User role defined based on authorization ensures strong security for unwanted access to the private cloud.

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