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Agile, and Easy!

At the Core of Skylus Cloud



Create up to thousands VMs with minimum clicks.

Fast & Simple Deployment, Dashboard. Automation Accelerate your business objective by deploying a private cloud within minutes. Connect to Skylus and start composing your VMs right away. You can also save valuable time with automation for easy allocation of resources when needed. With Skylus resilient architecture acting as a guardrail, you can rest assured of disruptions.



Scale-out and up without any downtime

Skylus features a full cloud stack with modular cloud service architecture for seamless horizontal and vertical scaling. Moreover, based on the end outcome, it is easy to repurpose resources and enable flexible node-based scaling, thereby saving enormous overhead costs.


Easy to Use

Simplified HCI Cloud at Your Fingertips

Skylus provides a complete HCI infrastructure bringing the best of desegregated architecture, i.e., consolidating compute, storage, network, and virtualization. It also features a single dashboard for monitoring and managing resources. It is intuitive even for first-time users with options such as advanced VM creation, Automation, Cloud Shell, VM Console, VM Performance Stats, and Logs. In addition, allocating resources gets easier with Skylus projects streamlining and facilitating cloud operations.



Have control of your cloud

Skylus has High Availability with built-in backup, data protection and disaster recovery. Easy monitoring with Cloud Status for notifications and alerts. With Private cloud, have better control of your important data.

About Skylus Dashboard

Experience A Single Management Dashboard.
The dashboard combines monitoring and management of resources on a single platform. It allows features such as VM performance monitoring and logging, strong security via access control, simplified infrastructure handling with different layers of access control, rapid VM creation, advance VM creation, setting page, statistic & interactive cloud shell, and quota management for resource allocation based on the concept of multi-tenancy.
What do We Have?

Skylus Features


Scale at Speed

Armed with flexible appliance configurations, our team can deliver customized scaling to meet your business requirements. You can scale up to hundreds of nodes from a few nodes at a speed that maps your needs.

Project Management

With Skylus, you can access and manage your resources seamlessly across the business infrastructure. It also supports project isolation from users accessing the exact cloud resources.

Rapid VM Creation

Virtual machines and containers are crucial to realizing cloud-native applications' full benefits. Fortunately, Skylus can create VMs (a few to thousands) in minimum clicks. Moreover, we also have advance VM creation option to launch VMs as per your preference.

Save Time & Cost

Skylus private cloud is a plug-and-play platform that can be set up in minutes. Its operation is simple, and no specialized staff is required. The icing on the cake is the HCI capabilities, i.e., consolidating compute, storage, network, and virtualization, thereby lowering your initial investments.

Smart Cloud Automation

Our private cloud delivers improved efficiency and augmented simplicity with pre-defined application deployment, configuration, and data management structures.

Fault Tolerant and Data Back Up

One of the highlights of Skylus private cloud is its redundant data backup strategies that protect all your business-critical data and make it easily accessible.


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