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What Skylus can Offer for Media & Entertainment?

Skylus – A Private Cloud in a Box – powered by HCI capabilities has been built to handle the dynamic requirements of modern workloads in the Media & Entertainment industry that seeks high availability with minimum buffering time, seamless interaction between creative team members, and flexibility of scaling when there is an abrupt increase in the existing customer base.

The platform enables you to streamline complicated operational workflows and find insight to deliver exceptional digital services that seemed unimaginable a few years back. The virtualization potential from the Skylus platform allows us to make optimal utilization of resources, allowing teams and individuals to work from the location of their choice. The collaboration is hassle-free without compromising the security of valuable IT assets, including sensitive customer data.

Media & Entertainment

The appetite for the consumption of digital services has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years due to the cheaper availability of data and deeper penetration of smartphones and related devices. To engage your customers with captivating content that keeps them glued to your channel, you must offer an outstanding service with minimum buffering delay, high-quality images and video, and general availability.

To deliver exceptional services for your customer, a modern infrastructure that overcomes the challenges of traditional infrastructure is a must.

Benefits Offered by Skylus Platform


Simple to Deploy Solution

Skylus can be deployed and made running within minutes. It is a responsive and agile private cloud infrastructure for virtual desktops and applications without the risk of inconsistent performance commonly associated with traditional infrastructure.


Low Operational Cost

The intuitive single management dashboard of Skylus helps to optimize operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. Moreover, low cooling and power costs and a smaller footprint are added benefits.


Derive Competitive Advantage

The taste and preferences of customers are constantly changing, forcing the service providers to look for new avenues to impress the customers. The Skylus transforms your data center and provides you with the unmatched ability to extend your services on the cloud.


Simple Infrastructure for Media Processing

The flexible scaling, speed, and easy management of Skylus makes it suitable for tasks such as ingestion, transcoding, and packaging. The flexible infrastructure of Skylus makes it an ideal choice for applications that require instant scaling.


Increase App Responsiveness

Skylus infrastructure’s capability helps speed up app responsiveness to provide an enjoyable user experience.


High Availability

Skylus resilient architecture with necessary migration/failover between nodes capabilities ensures critical data is available anytime without downtime.

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