Unleash the Power of Edge Computing at Remote Sites with Skylus Private Cloud


Leverage the true potential of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and private cloud to accelerate the execution of edge site applications, virtual desktops, and other remote services on a single platform.

Challenges of Edge Computing with a Monolithic IT Infrastructure

With the growth in business intensity, multisite remote locations are experiencing application and data growth that requires modern IT infrastructure optimized for edge computing. However, supporting remote and branch offices is a constant endeavor with a traditional IT architecture. Some of the challenges are discussed below


Control Infrastructure Cost

Hardware provisioning for each site to provide essential local services such as computing, storage, and networking is costly with a disaggregated architecture. Vendor lock-in because of proprietary license also leads to inflated capital & operation cost along with a dissatisfied IT team assigned the responsibility of remote management in the absence of adequate onsite personnel.

Unsatisfactory Application Performance

With the monolithic IT infrastructure, issues such as low throughput and latency along with scalability issues result in below-par application performance to the utter disappointment of the users.

Space Constraints

In most places, real estate is at a premium. IT infrastructure components such as servers, storage arrays, switches, and communication gear must fit in the allocated space and deliver the desired efficiency.

Backup and Recovery

It is probably one of the most crucial challenges while preparing for ROBO, edge computing with a conventional IT architecture. Cloud backup is viable, but a speedy recovery can be challenging. In addition, with the local backup, there is the issue of selecting the appropriate backup device for easy retrieval.

Inherent Operational Complexity

With the legacy infrastructure, the complexity of managing multiple remote locations is enormous, each with its unique problems. The task becomes even more challenging if there is no single interface to view the status of each site at one glance.

Longer Deployment Time

Setting up a remote branch office with the conventional infrastructure consumes more time due to the segregation of compute, storage and networking services. All three infrastructure components are in silos and must be synced to deliver the desired result.

Limited 5G Support

The Monolithic IT architecture does not enable nimble application deployment at edge sites. It is a must for quickly collecting consumer data and delivering high-quality individual experiences in a 5G eco-system.

How Skylus Fills the Void of Monolithic Architecture for Edge Locations-

Skylus Private Cloud with HCI capabilities helps capitalize on the opportunity edge computing offers due to massive data growth. Moreover, the platform accelerates the deployment of an edge-to-cloud solution across multiple locations generating a more personalized experienced and augmented efficiencies.


Planned Upgrade

Facilitate automatic planned upgrades for your entire cluster of remote and branch offices with a single click.

Operational Simplicity

Skylus private cloud instantly creates thousands of VMs, considerably simplifying the operation of remote locations. The hardware and software integration of the cloud also eliminates the cost of virtualization.

No Single Point of Failure

With Skylus private cloud, there is an automatic migration/failover of remote site data to the primary data center, thereby eliminating any chance of failure in operations.

Easily Scalable Architecture

The remarkable architecture of Skylus private cloud enables scaling from a few nodes to hundreds of nodes for a pilot to production deployment across multiple sites without any interruption to the existing tasks.

Hassle-Free Deployment

Plug and play with hardware nodes already installed for you. In addition, deploy all remote virtual applications from a single management interface.


Skylus Private cloud offers a project isolation system with the option to manage allocated resource quota for each project of different sites.

Built to Support 5G Network

The Skylus private cloud with HCI capabilities is ideally suited to the need of 5G networks which demands faster data aggregation and analysis to deliver superior customer experiences. In addition, application deployment at remote sites is a delight, with container support for agile data analysis and deeper insights.


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