Accelerate business-critical applications' performance, flexibility, and accessibility with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Business Critical Applications

Power mission-critical applications with the easy and customized deployment of Skylus private cloud with HCI capabilities. It maximizes the application uptime with intelligent enterprise-grade control by virtue of a single dashboard for monitoring and management.
Pitfalls of running Business Critical Applications with the Traditional IT infrastructure

Modern enterprise applications require infrastructure suited to the dynamic needs of a business environment. However, there are drawbacks to running critical applications on legacy infrastructure.


Forklift Upgrades

In traditional IT infrastructure, even a relatively minor enhancement demands overhauling a dominant part of the infrastructure affecting the availability of business-critical applications vital for an organization.

Underutilized Infrastructure

The traditional IT infrastructure does not enable putting multiple workloads on a single dense platform. Thereby, the infrastructure remains underutilized for achieving greater productivity.

Longer Down Time

Ideally, the failure of any component should be undetectable to the running application. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the legacy IT infrastructure due to a lack of in-built redundancy resulting in more extended downtime for the business-critical applications.

Complex Management

Seamlessly managing tasks such as adding nodes, which creates more storage capacity, storage performance, CPU, and RAM simultaneously can be challenging without any in-built capabilities

No Visible Insight

The backbone of traditional IT infrastructure has not kept pace with cutting-edge technology. Consequently, there is no insight into applications virtual machines and the infrastructure from which insights can be gathered for making critical business decisions.

Higher Cost

With the traditional infrastructure, there is very limited hardware and software integration from one single vendor. As a result, the cost goes up due to third-party data protection service.

What Value Proposition Skylus has to Offer?

Skylus combines one of the better private cloud and HCI capabilities to deliver unprecedented productivity for business-critical applications cutting across industry verticals. Its architecture has been designed to address the issues such as scalability, security, flexibility, agility, and management.​


Scale with Ease

The modern Skylus architecture facilitates scaling without forklift upgrades or disruption. When the application needs to grow, you can add nodes (all-flash or hybrid), adding extra performance, storage capacity, CPU, GPU, and RAM simultaneously.

Powerful Performance

Business-critical applications such as SAP business suite, Microsoft SQL Server, Dynamics, etc., runs faster when it is powered by Skylus infrastructure. Its strong performance embodies high-density computing, low latency, and increased usable capacity.

Automatic Application Deployment

Leverage the potential of Skylus private cloud to simplify the deployment and life-cycle management of bespoke business-critical applications with a crystal-clear roadmap. The Skylus architecture saves valuable time, which is spent otherwise on routine application administration.

High Availability

Skylus private cloud with hyper-converged infrastructure, and its in-built features such as redundancy, migration/failover, ensures that the applications are always running with quick availability and there is no downtime or even a single point of failure.

Deep Application Insights

The intelligent dashboard of Skylus private cloud is constantly monitoring and managing the business applications related to virtual machines and infrastructure for any fault detections or anomalies. Immediate alerts and notifications are generated for quick remedial actions.

Delivers Unmatched Efficiency

With Skylus private cloud round-the-clock availability, you can bid adieu to problems such as inconsistent performance, storage complications and regular IT refreshes


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