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Data Center Consolidation

The influx of data has been increasing by leaps and bounds in the last decade and is expected to go only further. Collecting and processing such data requires unprecedented server capability. However, the current practise of server deployment – distributed model - across location creates its own set of management problems. Therefore, to address the issues, consolidating all the IT resources to one data center is becoming popular.

Common Pitfalls of Data Center Consolidation

Your data center is the backbone of your business operation. It is an intricate web of interconnected servers and infrastructure that propels your enterprise. Here are some of the common data center consolidation errors


Inefficient Methodology

The task of data center consolidation is not an easy one. The subtle nuances and complications can wreak havoc on the entire operation causing schedule postponement and overshooting the budget. The problem is often attributed to the absence of any effective methodology. A competent consolidation methodology focuses on the business priorities of an organization to deliver optimal results.

Inexperienced Team

Even the best consolidation strategy does not produce the desired results if executed by an inexperienced team. To achieve the goals of consolidation, you will need the prowess and skills of subject matter experts with a proven track record of executing similar consolidation tasks.

No Disaster Recovery Provisions

In most places, real estate is at a premium. IT infrastructure components such as servers, storage arrays, switches, and communication gear must fit in the allocated space and deliver the desired efficiency.

Logical Discovery

Potent discovery is a demanding task in every data center consolidation. Very often, companies are unsure about important data that is to be collected. The service of experienced personnel allows a business to strike a perfect balance between inflated costs (due to extra servers) and the risk of missing crucial information.

Inadequate Focus on Business

Any data center consolidation must be focused on the business objectives. Too often, the teams get distracted in building an infrastructure that is robust from the technology perspective but does not score well on achieving the objectives that were laid out initially.

Assets Inventory Record

Although the task of maintaining asset inventory seems like a simple one, it is common fact that businesses are unable to maintain a correct record of their asset inventory. Data center professionals still use Visio drawings and excel spreadsheets to continuously track their assets.

Steps to Data Center Consolidation



It is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of your current environment so the team can assess all the physical servers. A proper roadmap is also needed to prepare the groundwork for eliminating unwanted processors, servers, networking, and memory. The items in the environment to be mapped out are hardware assets, software assets, facilities and energy usage, etc.


Consolidating a data center is a complicated task so a comprehensive plan is required before taking a data center offline and shifting multiple sets of servers on a private cloud hosted on or off premises. Other essential plans include a disaster recovery plan.


Once you are done with evaluation and planning, preparing the design for architecture is the next step. Architecture design must be flexible enough to change as per real-time requirements and demand. A data center hosted on a private cloud solves the problem of quick scaling, resiliency, tenancy and redundancy.

Build and Commission

Once the design has been finalized, the actual task of consolidating the data center starts. The time to find out the logistics of procurement, transportation, and construction is needed. Once built, you can finally commission the consolidated data center for operations.

Benefits of Skylus Private Cloud for Data Center Consolidation


Physical Locations Integration

With Skylus Private Cloud, desegregated multiple servers at multiple physical locations can be consolidated in one place and hosted on a private cloud. The consolidation exercise results in many benefits such as reduced operational expenditure, fewer leases, low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Easy Procurement and Reduced Costs

Because of capital expenditure (Capex) efficiency, the task of consolidation can also minimize the quantity of important equipment such as storage, servers and networking equipment. As a result, a significant procurement cost is saved for organizations.

Optimal Software Utilization

With the help of Skylus capabilities, there is a consolidation of software to the minimum required systems that reduce the software licensing and maintenance costs.

Robust Security

The efficiency of Skylus private cloud makes it harder for intruders to find loopholes in the security once the data center consolidation exercise is completed. There are minimum points of entry. Moreover, after consolidation the number of programs and systems to secure is also reduced.

Error Mitigation

Complexity inevitably causes errors. Data center consolidation with Skylus streamline processes such as network management and system discovery. Consequently, your organization becomes less vulnerable to errors as a whole.


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