Scaling Technology to Accelerate your Business Growth

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from advanced digital technology, whether it is applied to efficiently perform business-critical tasks, reduce wasted resources, or accomplish goals faster.

As small and midsize businesses (SMBs) grow, however, they need to contend with making sure their technological deployments grow with them. As a business leader, how can you tackle the challenge of scaling technology and avoid diluting its positive impact? Is there a specific frequency or season for IT upgrades, and when should you consider purchasing new equipment instead of upgrading existing hardware?

Though there's no simple answer to these questions, the following guidelines can help you plan to scale your technology to meet your needs and match business growth.

Types of Scalability

Skylus understand the scalability requirement of modern enterprises. Given the demand for rapid and uninterrupted scaling, we offer three types of scaling for businesses discussed below

Horizontal Scaling

Also known as scaling out, it refers to the infrastructure changes made with the company's shifting needs. It can involve the introduction of new servers or making changes to the existing ones to accommodate a change in priorities or goals. With Skylus, you can quickly scale out your IT infrastructure without compromising on the functioning of the running workloads.

Vertical Scaling

commonly known as scaling up, it refers to the additional cloud-based services and resources accommodated with the growing needs. Generally, there are no infrastructure or code changes in this form of scaling, as the objective is to augment the capacity rather than the actual functioning of the server. Skylus private cloud is adept at achieving vertical scaling.

Diagonal Scaling

As the name suggests, diagonal scaling combines vertical and horizontal scaling. In this model, vertical scaling is continued until the server’s maximum capacity, whether memory, computing resources, or any other scenarios, is achieved. Skylus Private Cloud is suitable for all your diagonal scaling needs that your businesses might encounter in the course of operation.

Skylus: The High Availability of Scalable Cloud Technology Options

In some ways, all cloud computing is scalable and largely auto-scaling. However, Skylus private cloud treads a slightly innovative trajectory. With Skylus, you get to add new users, applications – traditional and cloud-native – and other infrastructure solutions. This is one of the most significant benefits of Skylus in general and the reason for its growing popularity. Moreover, our platform also supports the rapid deployment of virtual machines (from a few up to thousands) and containers for running modern workloads such as AI/ML, DL, Big Data, etc.

Skylus is one of the better choices for a scalable private cloud that offers a customized approach for progressing business needs. Instead of the limitation of the public cloud, a private cloud such as Skylus is manipulated in the best possible way by different enterprises as per end customer requirements. One typical instance is scaling up or out as necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Cloud hosting in a private cloud is possibly the best way to handle scalable resources. Scaling needs are discussed, and changes are implemented in a sustainable and manageable way that accounts for any increase/decrease in demand.

Benefits of Skylus Scalable Solution

More Storage

Efficient data storage is one of the prime reasons for adopting a private cloud. So, a secure and more storage capacity is always an asset. Skylus flexible scaling architecture easily accommodates your enterprise’s needs for additional resources when business needs arise.As a result, the need for additional storage is well-taken care of without interrupting the existing workload.

Additional Power

Apart from storage, modern enterprises also look for adequate infrastructure powered by high technology to support the efficiency, of running workloads. Without a powerful server that cannot support rising demands, the output will suffer. Skylus, with its scaling capabilities, can increase the power as needed without the struggle of adding physical servers.

Increased Versatility

The world of technology is in constant flux. Technology can become obsolete within a few years. However, with Skylus, transitioning from one application or approach to other operations is easy and seamless. The existing infrastructure can be expanded or adapted into a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud if needed leading to a significant opportunity.