Accelerate Business Innovation With Next-Generation Data Centre Infrastructure

Data-driven applications are the core of the 21st-century enterprise, and a robust IT infrastructure is needed to get the desired business outcome. It is worth deliberating that application performance, uptime, and data protection are only as solid as your infrastructure foundation, and initial attention must be paid to it. Skylus private cloud infrastructure backed by HCI capabilities is what your business needs to focus on the core task of innovation and efficient service delivery while running your workload and leaving the IT to us.

A New-Generation Data Centre Infrastructure From Skylus

Skylus private cloud architecture enables the accumulation of resources in a data center for a better business outcome focusing on flexible scalability, optimum utilization of resources, seamless integration with hardware and software, and fool-proof security. Moreover, the inherent capability of the architecture underpins hardware virtualization aiding your organization to augment the efficiency and utilization of private cloud infrastructure.

Resource consolidation also facilitates distribution among virtual machines that execute workloads across the enterprise.

A Private Cloud in a Box

If you are deliberating on running your business-critical workloads on the private cloud, Skylus is the place. It provides a resilient and flexible architecture that underpins rapid scaling, fault tolerance, multi-tenancy, easy deployment, intuitive dashboard, and management. Furthermore, to accelerate your business growth without any needless interruptions, we also have hardware and software in one place to avoid vendor compatibility issues. The cloud-optimized hardware infrastructure possesses the inbuilt capability to run challenging workloads with added simplicity that is hard to achieve with the traditional infrastructure.

Modular Cloud Service Architecture

Skylus modular cloud architecture ensures you can run your workload without worrying about the backend IT infrastructure when your business expands rapidly. You can scale your hardware and software module seamlessly with specific reallocation of resources. Backend pack-networking, network, storage, compute, and controller services are containerized and running on the cloud.

Agility to Deliver Business Results

Skylus private cloud infrastructure is remarkably agile to adapt and change as per your business requirement. Irrespective of whether you are a startup or well-established, our agile infrastructure will meet your goals.

Security to protect Your Digital Assets

Skylus private cloud has been designed and developed keeping in mind the three tenets of the security triad, i.e., Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability. If you are running your workloads on a private cloud, you can enjoy peace of mind regarding the security of your data.

Flexible Storage Configuration

Skylus private cloud provides you the option of local storage, shared storage, SSDs, and HDD. There is also added support for external storage.

Accelerate your Infrastructure Journey from Desegregated to Bare-Metal Hyperconverged Cloud

Skylus delivers a private cloud solution that makes customer's journey simple and fast from desegregated to BareMetal, Hyperconverged cloud deployment seamless and easy. It has the adaptability to fit diverse business landscapes.

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