Embrace Skylus Private Cloud to Experience a Delightful Cloud Native Journey!
Running cloud-native applications requires an IT architecture that is nimble, agile, and yet easy to use.
The Skylus private cloud powered by HCI capabilities, containers, and microservices technology has been conceived and designed to adhere to the DevOps practice and deliver incredible performance for cloud-native applications.

Why is the Traditional IT Infrastructure not Ready for Running Cloud Native Applications?


Development Time

Traditional IT infrastructure does not support rapid development and deployment of applications because of inflexible architecture, OS dependency, redundancy limitations, and inefficient utilization of hardware resources.

Operational System Dependency

Applications have a great degree of reliance on the operating system. OS dependency is also a crucial factor that makes migration and scalability a challenging issue.

Scalability Constraints

Scaling an application in a monolithic IT system can be daunting without any automatic feature. Manual scaling is possible, but it may take time and not be successful.

Slower Bug Handling

The conventional IT infrastructure finds it hard to locate a bug in a specific location as there are no container and microservice technology in its underlying architecture which facilitates easy detection and containment to certain microservices.

Cost Effectiveness

In the conventional IT infrastructure one must set up data storage and other service for running an application. In addition, you don’t have the option to only pay for what you use making it a costly option compared to a cloud native environment.

Extended Downtime

Deploying applications in a traditional IT infrastructure may result in more extended downtime as there are no failover mechanism for running an uninterrupted operation.

Skylus Container based Architecture for Cloud Native Applications

Skylus is an enterprise-grade cloud-native infrastructure stack coupled with virtualization and container management capabilities. It is ideal for running and scaling modern cloud-native applications to deliver advanced customer services.


The Infrastructure of Choice for Kubernetes

Skylus Private Cloud with HCI capabilities combines the three services compute, network, and storage on a single platform with a resilient, scalable, and containerized environment that facilitates rapid virtual machine creation.

Accelerated Application Development

As the applications are built on microservices, the design and development team find it easy to change, update and release any apps faster.
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No Single Point of Failure

The isolation properties of the container ensure foolproof protection against any failure. A service failure in one container won’t affect others, making cloud-native apps more reliable.
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Dynamic Scaling Elasticity

With business growth, deployed applications can witness a lot of loads requiring scaling operations with the addition of resources. Skylus flexible architecture makes it easy to auto-scale (up and down) to handle future business needs.
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Application Independence

In a cloud-native environment, the architecture ensures that you can build multiple cloud-native applications independently of each other. It also means individual management and deployment.
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Encourage DevOps Practices

Adhering to DevOps practices is crucial to the implementation of cloud-native applications. Skylus private cloud facilitates the automation of deploying and cross-checking a new software feature in an isolated environment that can be introduced in production once it has been proven.


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