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Simplify your Private Cloud Journey
Facilitate your move to the private cloud with Skylus, powered by breakthrough innovation adaptable for any business environment with seamless integration, flexible scaling, and inherent simplicity.

Rapid, Agile, and Easy to Use

Quick Deployment and Remarkable Performance

With Skylus, you can deploy your private cloud within minutes. Virtual machines, apps, and other network infrastructure could be set up at an unprecedented pace. Moreover, you can create a custom deployment workflow to automate VM, cluster deployment, network/storage configuration, and application/tools/framework installation.

Flexible & Scalable

We understand the challenge of running modern workloads in a complex business environment. That is why we created Skylus – a private cloud in a box. Based on your requirement, the infrastructure is scaled without interrupting the running workload to deliver a superior experience. In addition, the underlying architecture has been made flexible enough to support seamless integration for unpredictable business changes.

Simplified Cloud Management

Moving your business applications to a private cloud is one thing, and its management is another. Skylus, with its intuitive and easy dashboard, enables easy management with all-in-one capabilities that include control apps, data, cloud services, cloud resources & projects.


Experience A Single Management Dashboard.

The dashboard combines monitoring and management of resources on a single platform. It allows features such as VM performance monitoring and logging, strong security via access control, simplified infrastructure handling with different layers of access control, rapid VM creation, advance VM creation, setting page, statistic & interactive cloud shell, and quota management for resource allocation based on the concept of multi-tenancy.
Powered By Containerized Cloud Service Architecture That Is Modular, Flexible, And Scalable

Skylus vital cloud services such as Network, Storage, and Compute are containerized and run on the cloud. For accelerated business performance, these services are isolated in a containerized environment so that any failure, upgradation, addition, or removal of any individual service doesn’t hamper other independent services.

Accelerated Business Performance

Skylus supports quick and easy deployment of multiple virtual machines in instant. It has an optimized system that allows customers to set up virtual machines in quick time.

Bringing The Best Of Hardware And Software Into One Place

Skylus private cloud delivers a high-quality desegregated architecture, combining the hardware and software capabilities. The IT infrastructure is HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) optimized, consolidating network, storage, and compute components, and driven by distributed software layer to remove the pain points associated with the traditional infrastructure.
Because of the desegregated architecture, the platform delivers a better performance and resilience, turnkey infrastructure, easy deployment, and unmatched flexibility.

Use Cases

Manage uneven AI workloads from data ingest to analytics. You define policies, while software automates the storage, compute, networking nodes on your server to consistently provide the functionality your applications need.
Cloud Native

The Skylus private cloud powered by HCI capabilities, containers, and microservices technology has been conceived and designed to adhere to the leading DevOps practice and deliver incredible

Take a leap of faith with Skylus private cloud and reap the benefits of orchestration, virtualization, and remote IT management. The rollout of 5G is expected to herald transformational change.
Leverage the true potential of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and private cloud to accelerate the execution of edge site applications, virtual desktops, and other remote services on a single platform.

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