Bring simplicity by implementing Hyper convergence into your private cloud

Hyperconvergence Infrastructure (HCI) provides IT teams with technology required for quick response, elasticity, and flexibility through private clouds. The modular framework of HCI is ideal for implementing a phased approach to migrating to a private cloud. The biggest challenge in using a private cloud is while scaling cloud workloads faster which means immediate changes in […]

Traditional Data Centre Vs HCI

Every business is looking for cost efficiency which is one of the biggest drivers of IT implementations and upgrades. The continuous and well-defined process of resource optimization brings value to the business with maximized profit and performance. The traditional infrastructure on which many organizations are working today needs to change their way to get more […]

Bring Your AI/ML Workloads to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

AI research impacts significantly on compute and storage power nowadays. With the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) workloads in many industries and organisations, ML models have become more complex. Therefore, there is a need to build compute environments for AI that have immense level of scalability as per demand. An integration […]

HCI/private cloud- Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, IT&ITES, Edu, Gov. & Retail

Hyper-convergence is a common technology today as it is a combination of both hardware and software solutions. Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) builds private cloud environments that allocate capacity and performance independently for every workload and application. One promise of Cloud is a fast time to value, and the other is rapid scalability. Scaling cloud workload faster […]